A Drop of Life in the Sea of Time

A Drop of Life in the Sea of Time
One Photographer’s Visual Field Notes

A Forty Year Retrospective

This book is an attempt to relate the diversity, struggles, zest, fullness, and joy of life, as well as to foster an awareness of time. Besides sharing his images, Bob wishes to extend a subtle message of hope, understanding, compassion, and inspiration while offering a challenge to improve the quality and outlook of not only our lives  but also that of others.

hardcover, 9 x 12, 125 pages

142 images, black and white and color

copyright 2011



$35.00(+$2.45 Tax)

Each one of us is but a
drop of life in the sea of time.

So grab the gusto!

Reach out
and embrace life with a sene of meaning

Love, Laugh, Cry, Feel, Share, Be. 

Live life!